The Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards Set 2

Key Features

Release Date: 06.05.2013

Following the launch of the sold-out set released in July 2012, Cryptozoic is very proud to be partnering with Skybound to release another set of trading cards based on the insanely popular comic books, The Walking Dead! The base cards for this set will feature cover art not included in Set 1, and will take an in depth look at some of our favorite (and most despised) characters!

Product Details

Packs: 5 Cards per pack, 24 packs per box

MSRP: $3.50 per pack

Base Set: Features 72 of the most memorable comic book covers

Chase Sets: Something to Fear (2:24 packs) featuring the story line surrounding the epic 100th issue. Quotable (2:24 packs) chase set commemorates some of the best character quotes from the series

Inserts: Sketch cards (1:24 packs), Parallel Base set (1:4 packs), and Printing Plate cards (1:576 packs)

Autograph Cards: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Rus Wooton, and Sean Mackiewicz (1:576 packs)

Please note our address has changed. Please send all Redemption Inserts to our new address, to claim your oversized card:
25351 Commercentre Drive
Suite 250
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Oversized Sketch cards from creator Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard.
R1 - R25 Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch
R26 - R50 Charlie Adlard Overized Sketch

Binders: The standard binder is limited to 350 units and comes with a Rick standee card. There is also a Diamond Previews exclusive binder available which contains printings of nine exclusive sketch cards; the originals are randomly inserted into the binders.

To play without purchase, mail a postcard with your name and return address to: The Walking Dead Comic Trading Cards Set 2, C/O No Purchase Necessary, 25351 Commercentre Drive Suite 250, Lake Forest, CA 92630. For complete rules, visit: Limit One (1) entry per day, per address, per set. NPN open to US residents only. Void where prohibited.


Sketch Card Artists
  • Alfredo Lopez Jr
  • Andrew Jones
  • Anthony Wheeler
  • Arley Tucker
  • Ben Hansen
  • Brandon Baselice
  • Brian Kong
  • Bryan Tillman
  • Bukshot!
  • Cal Slayton
  • Camila Fortuna
  • Chris Chuckry
  • Chris Foreman
  • Chris Meeks
  • Clayton McCormack
  • Craig Boldman
  • Craig S. Stuckless
  • Dan Borgonos
  • Dan Chaparro
  • Dan Schaefer
  • Daniel J. Logan
  • Danny Silva
  • David Baron
  • Deborah Abbott
  • Denise Vasquez
  • Dustin Foust
  • Eduardo Garcia
  • Elfie Lebouleux
  • Elvin Hernandez
  • Emily Riggsby
  • Eugene Commodore
  • Fer Galicia
  • George Davis
  • George Kaprielian
  • Gilbert Leiker
  • Irma Ahmed
  • Jake Sumbing
  • Jason Keith Phillips
  • Jason Worthington
  • JC Fabul
  • Jed Thomas
  • Jeff Chandler
  • Jeff Confer
  • Jeffrey Abar
  • Jeremy Scott
  • Jezreel Rojales
  • Joe Pekar
  • Joe Simko
  • Joe St.Pierre
  • John "JAX" Jackman
  • Jomar Bulda
  • Jonathan T. Racimo
  • Judd Abinuman
  • Ken Gordon
  • Kent Heidelman
  • Lark Sudol
  • Luke Smarto
  • M. Jason Paz
  • Marco D. Carrillo
  • Mark Marvida
  • Mark Nasso
  • Mark Pingitore
  • Martin Pikkaart
  • Mary Bellamy
  • Matt Hebb
  • Matthew Fletcher
  • Michael Duron
  • Michael Rooth
  • Mike Vasquez
  • Nathan Watson
  • Nikki Valenzuela
  • Nina Edlund
  • Patrick Ballesteros
  • Puis Calzada
  • Ramsey "Raz" Sibaja
  • Remi Dousset
  • Richard Brady
  • Roger Andrews
  • Ryan Van Der Draaij
  • Stefanie Battalene
  • Steve Lydic
  • Thomas Boatwright
  • Val Hochberg
  • Vince Sunico
  • Wendy Chew
  • William Donley III

Promotional Cards

P1Non-Sport Update MagazineFebruary/March 2013

Links and Downloads


R1Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R2Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R3Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R4Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R5Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R6Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R7Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R8Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R9Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R10Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R11Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R12Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R13Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R14Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R15Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R16Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R17Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R18Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R19Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R20Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R21Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R22Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R23Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R24Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R25Robert Kirkman Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R26Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R27Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R28Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R29Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R30Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R31Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R32Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R33Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R34Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R35Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R36Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R37Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R38Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R39Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R40Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R41Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R42Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R43Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R44Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R45Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R46Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R47Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R48Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
R49Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
R50Charlie Adlard Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR1Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR2Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR3Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR4Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR5Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR6Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR7Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR8Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR9Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR10Chris Meeks Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR11Clayton McCormack Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR12Clayton McCormack Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR13Clayton McCormack Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR14Clayton McCormack Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR15Clayton McCormack Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR16James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR17James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR18James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR19James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR20James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR21James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR22James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR23James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardAvailable
RR24James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardRedeemed
RR25James "Bukshot!" Bukauskas Oversized Sketch CardAvailable