Street Fighter V Poker Assault

Key Features

Release Date: Q3, 2018

Have you ever smashed your best friend with a Two Pair? Pummelled your mate with a Straight? The game of poker has been reimagined as a game of combat, killer hands of cards, and non-stop fun! Welcome to the world of Street Fighter V Poker Assault!

Each player uses a themed 52-card poker deck. Several cards in each deck have bonus abilities that can aid you while you mount an Assault on your opponent or Defend against one. Additionally, if you can craft a Straight or better, you will earn an aptly named Critical Arts Cards that can provide a devastating instant effect or grant you some ongoing tactical advantages!

Product Details

  • Two 52-Card Decks
  • 12 Critical Arts Cards
  • 20 Cardboard Poker Chips
  • Rulebook