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We want every customer to see firsthand how much love and dedication we put into our games. Demo copies allow players a chance to handle the high quality materials and learn the game play basics before investing in a game. We offer reduced cost demo copies of most our board games through PSI.

What is the PSI Demo Program?
There is an ever-growing pile of games that many game stores just haven’t had a chance to try out or show off to their customers. Reading the back of the box or watching a review can be fine, but actually being able to open up a box and play a game yourself is one of the best ways to be able to really get the feel of it. PSI wanted retailers to have more opportunities to share great titles with their customers and to expand their libraries. The PSI Demo Program will give friendly local game stores the chance to purchase demo copies of great games at a fantastic price.
Who can order demos through this program?
This program is limited to brick and mortar hobby stores in the United States. Online retailers and mass market outlets are excluded.
What do the demos cost?
A demo copy of a game costs 25% of MSRP.
Important things you need to know:
Each store is limited to 1 copy of a demo title per year.
Games will arrive without shrink wrap and will have a sticker labeling them as a demonstration copy.
While these are demo copies of the games, they are not limited or demo versions of the games. They are the full retail versions.
How do I order demo games?
Titles are available through ACD, Alliance, GTS, Southern Hobby, and PHD. Please contact your sales representative or see below for new account registration.


Distributor Locations Phone Email
ACD Games Distribution Madison, WI | Fresno, CA | Harrisburg, PA 800-767-4263
Alliance Games Distribution Baltimore, MD | Fort Wayne, IN | Austin, TX | Viisalia, CA 800-669-4263 Account Info
GTS Distribution Smyrna, GA | Lynwood, WA | Orange, CA | San Jose, CA | Grand Rapids, MI | Tempe, AZ | Longwood, FL | Allentown, PA 425-249-7066
Peachstate Hobby Distribution Orlando, FL | Bound Brook, NJ | Dallas, TX | Santa Fe Springs, CA 877-743-4263 Account Info
Southern Hobby Supply Nashville, TN | St. Louis, MO | Chicago, IL | Farmingdale, NY | Reno, NV 800-473-2804