Board Game Programs

We have created a range of different board game programs to help your store promote the wide variety of different games Cryptozoic has to offer. We want to make sure that customers have a reason to shop at your store without cutting into your profits. Hosting events and executing promotions can be challenging so we have simplified and minimized the hassle while offering exciting opportunities for your store. Call your Authorized Distributor rep for all the details!

Game Premier Night

Roll out the red carpet and give your customers the Game Premier Night experience! By pre-ordering a Game Premier Night kit, your store will be able to host a demo night and sell copies of the game before the street date. Customers love getting their hands on highly anticipated games early, and organizing a demo can help them quickly learn and enjoy their purchase.

Participating stores will purchase 1 kit containing the following:

  • 1 Game Premier Night Poster to help you advertise the event
  • 1 Case of the upcoming game (usually 6-12 copies depending on the game)
  • 1 Reduced Cost Demo copy of the full game
  • Promo cards to be given to customers when they purchase a game (when available)
  • Event Instruction sheet /sell sheet with information about the game.

These event materials will arrive the week before the official release. Your store can choose when to host the event up to one full week before the street date. Games may be sold to customers during your event. Each customer who purchases the game will receive one special promo card (when available).

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Spotlight Events

After the release of a game, invite your players back to the store to enjoy their previously purchased Cryptozoic games. Players may enjoy competing in a tournament or simply want an excuse to pull the game off the shelf for another few rounds. Spotlight Events are designed to give you the flexibility of creating an event that fits with your group’s play style as well as your store’s schedule. Game play exclusive promo cards will entice players back to the store to make sure that they get the most out of their game.

We will also try to pair these with special pop culture events to help you take advantage or teh excitement surrounding a related event.  For example, when a new season of a related TV show premieres, we want you to give your customers something in your store to enjoy, along with their favorite show or movie!


Included in this Free Kit:

  • 10 exclusive promo cards
  • 1 Instruction sheet

Cryptozoic Product Swap Program

Games sell much better when they’re in stock and on the shelf. We want to remove the risk of over-ordering by offering every store a chance to try out select Cryptozoic titles with minimized risk. During special times of the year, we will be offering Product Swap Program that will allow you to purchase 6 or more games and return up to 6 games after a 90 day trial period in exchange for any other Cryptozoic products.

Demo Copies

We want every customer to see firsthand how much love and dedication we put into our games. Demo copies allow players a chance to handle the high quality materials and learn the game play basics before investing in a game. We offer reduced cost demo copies of all our board games through Alliance.

Gift with Purchase Promo Cards

As a hobby store owner, we know that you’re dedicated to offering great customer service and quality play space to entice customers. We want to help drive customers to your store so that they find out about all these great extras you have to offer. Therefore, for many of our games, we have created special Hobby Exclusive promo cards. These promos can add value to these games that customers won’t find anywhere else!

When available, these promos will be included with your shipment for each game you purchase. No signing up, no waiting. Just purchase the game and receive the promos. It’s that simple.