by George Nadeau / 24 Jun, 2014

Tomorrow marks the official start of the Summer of Sketch Cards season: The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 1 set releases tomorrow and it includes some of the best sketch cards we've ever seen.

by George Nadeau / 19 Jun, 2014

In part twelve of our Summer of Sketch Cards blog series, we continue to showcase several dozen hand-drawn sketch cards that will be released in coming weeks.

by George Nadeau / 17 Jun, 2014

Welcome back to our bi-weekly showcase of the impressive sketch cards that will be released in the next few weeks.

by George Nadeau / 12 Jun, 2014

We're about halfway through our Summer of Sketch Cards blog series. What an amazing array of artwork we've seen already, right?!

by George Nadeau / 10 Jun, 2014

Last week, we announced the release date of our The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trading Cards; it will release July 9, 2014.

by George Nadeau / 05 Jun, 2014

Today, we continue to showcase some of the hand-drawn sketch cards that are inserted into our upcoming trading cards sets.

by George Nadeau / 03 Jun, 2014

In part seven of our Summer of Sketch Cards blog series, we showcase a hundred more sketch cards from these upcoming trading card sets: Adventure Time,

by George Nadeau / 29 May, 2014

Welcome back! Today, we continue to preview some of the amazing sketch cards that will be released in the next couple months.

Cryptozoic nominated for Origin Game Awards
by Kat Metzen / 28 May, 2014

The 2014 Origins Awards nominations include two Cryptozoic games this year.  Those two products? DC Comics Deck-Building Game is nominiated for Best Tradtional Card Game and the second game to make it on the nominations is ROFL! nominated for Best Children’s, Family or Party Game. Winners will be selected by voting at the Origins Game Fair, and the winners will be announced and presented at the Origins Awards Ceremony on Saturday June 14th.

by George Nadeau / 27 May, 2014

In today's blog we showcase about a hundred hand-drawn sketch cards that lucky collectors may pull from their packs this summer.

by George Nadeau / 22 May, 2014

One more showcase before the Memorial Day weekend; we have more outstanding  DC Comics Epic Battles and

by George Nadeau / 20 May, 2014

Today we will continue to showcase hand-drawn sketch cards that will be inserted into our soon-to-be released DC Comics Epic Battles and The Walking Dead Season 3 trading card sets. If you've missed earlier previews, you can see them all in our Facebook albums here and here.

Naruto Shippuden Deck-building Game
by Kat Metzen / 20 May, 2014

Part 1 of our Naruto Preview Series takes a look at the new game mechanic, Charkra. Scheduled to launch this fall, The First Edition Printing with the included Promo Card is going fast. If you want to make sure you are able to get this promo card, pre-order your game now with your local retailer or from our e-store. Once the first games are gone, so is the Promo Card!

Card Wars in Stock! Get the Deck Checklist
by Kat Metzen / 17 May, 2014

The exciting news first: the wait is finally over for everyone waiting to buy the orginal Collector Packs. The first cases of the Adventure Time Card Wars reprint of the Finn & Jake and BMO& Lady Rainicorn Collector Packs are arriving at stores as we speak! Now the not so exciting news: Unfortunately, in the rush to get these out quickly, the factory made an error, and some of the intended cards were mixed up during shrink-wrapping process. Checklist inserts are on the press. In the meantime, read this blog entry for the original Collector Pack Deck Checklists.

by George Nadeau / 15 May, 2014

For part 2 of our Summer of Sketch Cards showcase, we will continue to preview more artwork from two of our upcoming trading card sets: DC Comics Epic Battles and

by Miranda Charsky / 15 May, 2014

We have been very encouraged by how often fans and collectors have asked us about the forthcoming Once Upon a Time Season 1 Trading Cards.

by George Nadeau / 14 May, 2014

Our summer trading card releases will include a wide array of sketch cards, from gritty to fantasy, gory to cute. Over the next couple of months, every Tuesday and Thursday, we will preview sketch cards that will be inserted into our upcoming sets. Featured today: DC Comics Epic Battles and The Walking Dead Season 3 sketch cards.

by Miranda Charsky / 13 May, 2014

Scott and I made the journey to join our friends in the trading card hobby at the biannual show.

by George Nadeau / 06 May, 2014

Dan Bergren has contributed stunning artwork to several of our trading card sets. In the next couple months, look for Dan's artwork in The Walking Dead Season Three and The Hobbit trading card sets. Read this blog entry for some previews.

by Miranda Charsky / 29 Apr, 2014

Those following the trading card product pages will have seen a lot of signers have been confirmed in the last few weeks, and scans of the signed cards have been added to the galleries. As a brief update, here are some of the cards we have received back in the last couple of weeks:


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