Outlander Travels to Digital with Quidd!

By Krystyl Chwa

Cryptozoic Entertainment has launched an Outlander Channel, featuring digital trading cards and stickers, on Quidd! What is Quidd? Let's take a crash course on the app and explore how Outlander fans can unwrap, collect, and trade unique sticker and card sets with more convenience and ease than ever!


Quidd is a collector's digital dream come true! Launched in 2016, it is a free-to-play app that allows users to collect official stickers, trading cards, and even 3D figures based on their favorite TV shows! Cryptozoic Entertainment partnered up with Quidd earlier this year to bring titles such as Adventure TimeSteven Universe, and Rick and Morty to the platform. Now, Quidd users can collect Outlander digital trading cards and stickers too!

Here’s a simple guide to navigating Quidd, for collectors that have yet to dive into the digital world of collecting:

The Feed

Your Feed is a live, ongoing stream of what’s new with all your favorite channels, including updates, new set releases, and important announcements. All of your favorite channels are consolidated under the “Favorites” tab. If you’d like to view what’s new within a specific channel, say Outlander, you can easily filter the Feed to show only posts relating to Outlander at the top of the page.

Your Collection

At the bottom of the app, you’ll see a tab for your Collection. Your Collection is an overview of your entire collection from all your various channels. If you click on the icon for a specific channel, you can explore everything that is going on in that world. In the Outlander Channel, for example, you’ll be able to view all available card and sticker sets, the Feed, what is available for purchase, and other members in the community who are looking to trade.

Base Sets vs. Chase Sets

If you’re a physical trading card collector, you’re already familiar with Base Sets and Chase Sets. Digital trading cards follow the same format as physical trading cards. Base Sets are the basic cards that come with the set and are more commonly available, making them easier to obtain. Chase Sets are cards that vary in rarity and are usually much more difficult to obtain.


What good are digital trading cards if you can’t trade 'em? Quidd makes it easy for collectors to swap and trade stickers and cards with each other. Simply visit the "Trade” tab at the bottom of the app, and start trading with your friends! You can also see what other folks are offering up for trade, since it may just be the last card you need to complete a set!

Using Quidd Stickers in iMessages

One of our favorite features on Quidd is the ability to use stickers collected in the app in iMessages! Simply add the Quidd keyboard in your iPhone’s settings, and you’ll be able to copy your MyMoji stickers into any iMessage. You better believe we’re never sending a text message again without at least five Jamie stickers attached to it!


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