Orphan Black Trading Cards Preview

By George Nadeau

We're pleased to announce that the Season 1 set of our Orphan Black Trading Cards will release next Wednesday, November 30th. I'd like to tell you more about it.

We know that people have been eager to collect this product because we are sold out, and our main distributor has indicated that demand is high. That, coupled with the fact that it's the smallest (in terms of production volume) hobby box release we've ever produced, means you should contact your dealer sooner rather than later if you hope to secure any. (Here's a list of dealers who may still have inventory available.)

And what's not to be excited about? The set contains autograph cards from most series regulars plus many notable guest stars. Leading the list of signers, of course, is recent Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Tatiana Maslany. Her award marks the first time a Canadian actress has won the top award for a Canadian production, and provided overdue validation for her extraordinary performances as too-many-to-count clones. 

Tatiana Maslany autograph cards are the most abundant in the Season 1 setbut they are also the most rare. We have packed autograph card variants featuring eight of the clones into the hobby boxes, and each of the versions that Tatiana signed is limited to 30 or fewer. Good luck collecting your favorites! (There are two additional card designs not available in packs; they are distributed as dealer incentives only, and also limited to 30 each.) 

My favorites are Cosima and Alison. Who are yours?

Also participating as an autograph signer is Jordan Gavaris who portrays Felix. He's such a fan favorite that we also made him the focus of two of the chase sets: Quotes and his Loft. It was a challenge to whittle down the list of his best quotes to a 9-card set.


Other notable autograph signers are Kevin Hanchard (Art Bell), Michael Mando (Vic), Evelyne Brochu (Delphine) and Kristian Bruun (Donnie). Look for unique inscriptions by many of the signers, some of which have been previewed previously here.


The set also features authentic wardrobe cards. The wardrobe itself presented many conundrums to resolve. As fans know, there are frequent moments in the show when one clone impersonates another one. For example, when Sarah impersonates Beth and is caught by Paul wearing a Clash t-shirt, that shirt should be characterized as Sarah's shirt, right? But what description would go on the card if the wardrobe came from Beth's closet and is worn by Sarah as she's impersonating Beth? Do we attribute the wardrobe to the owner of the wardrobe, the apparent character wearing it, or the actual identity of the character wearing it? And does any of that matter to collectors when, ultimately, the swatch came from wardrobe that was worn by Tatiana Maslany?


On a similar note, if you think featuring Tatiana Maslany's autograph cards on ten clone card designs is excessive, you'll probably be grateful that we didn't create additional card designs like "Tatiana Maslany as Sarah impersonating Alison" and "Tatiana Maslany as Helena impersonating Beth." Never mind the dual, triple and quad autograph card designs that were briefly considered!

Lastly, the base set features episodic images from the first ten episodes of the series and was written by an Orphan Black co-producer. We're always pleased to get assistance from show producers.

Our Orphan Black Trading Cards Season 1 set will hit streets on Wednesday, November 30. We hope you enjoy it. Don't hesitate to share your hits with us @Cryptozoic on Twitter.