ICYMI: Orphan Black and Gotham Autographs

By George Nadeau

June was a very busy month for the Trading Card department. We released three sets:

Meanwhile, we have been acquiring autograph cards from dozens of signers for sets we'll release later this year. In case you missed them, here's a review of some autographs we'll insert into two of those upcoming sets. And for the first time, we're revealing a fraction of the hundreds of inscriptions and variations that we think fans will enjoy tracking down.

For our Orphan Black Trading Cards Season 1 set, here are the autographs we've already acquired:

David Richmond-Peck as Olivier Duval
Eric Johnson as Chad Norris
Evelyne Brochu as Delphine Cormier
Graeme Manson, Creator
Inga Cadranel as Detective Angela DeAngelis
John Fawcett, Creator
Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins
Kevin Hanchard as Detective Art Bell
Kristian Bruun as Donnie Hendrix
Melanie Nicholls-King as Amelia
Michael Mando as Vic
Nicholas Rose as Colin
Skyler Wexler as Kira
Tatiana Maslany as Beth, Cosima, and Helena

For our Gotham Trading Cards Season 1 set, this is just the start of the signing roster:

Anthony Carrigan as Victor Zsasz
Carol Kane as Gertrude Kapelput
Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox
Drew Powell as Butch Gilzean
Julian Sands as Gerald Crane
Nicholle Tom as Miriam Loeb
Peter Scolari as Commissioner Loeb
Todd Stashwick as Richard Sionis / The Mask

We'll reveal many new Gotham signers in the next few weeks, so be sure to follow our product page for all of the up-to-the-minute updates.

In tomorrow's blog, I'll update you on some of the Arrow and The Flash autographs you may have missed. See you then!