The Flash Trading Cards Season 2 Preview

By George Nadeau

Our printer successfully completed the case check for The Flash Trading Cards Season 2 on Friday, so we're happy to announce that the product will be released next week, on May 24th. The product page has been regularly updated during its production over the past several months, but I'd like to take a moment to highlight a few of the set's components.

There is a single screen-used prop available in this product. It's this Key to Central City. In the first episode of season two, the mayor planned to award it to The Flash at the Flash Day event in Central City Park Plaza, until the ceremony was disrupted by the sudden appearance of Atom Smasher. Ultimately, Joe presents the Key to Barry at S.T.A.R. Labs; if you're the lucky collector who pulls the redemption card from one of your packs, we'll present this screen-used prop to you!



Equally impressivebut more abundantis this triple wardrobe card. The featured scene is an homage to the "Flash of Two Worlds" comic cover art from September 1961. It contains a swatch from Barry's Flash costume and two swatches from "Jay Garrick's" Flash costume. This triple wardrobe card is limited to 25 crash numbered cards. 

Finally, I'm excited to reveal some of the great autograph cards that are randomly inserted into this set (1:24 packs.) As shown on the product page, there are 25 signers in the season 2 product. As our fans have come to expect from us, there is a great array of unique inscriptions on many of the cards. In addition, since many of the signers portrayed metahumans with multiple identities, we have asked them to sign multiple card designs. Here are previews of the card designs signed by 11 signers.

This trading cards set releases next Wednesday. We hope you enjoy assembling your collection, and we look forward to seeing your hits!