DC Teekeez Vinyl Figures: Stack Them Up!

By Shahriar Fouladi

DC Teekeez figures

Unhappy with the vibe around your home or office? Winter weather got you down? It’s time to get tropical with DC TeekeezTM! These vinyl tiki figures have got it all: a distinctive wood-carved aesthetic, the ability to be stacked, and fun interpretations of some of DC’s greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains!

Whenever we set out to design a new line of figures, we take a step back to see what’s already out there, so we can create something that is different and, we hope, better. In this case, our team noticed the variety of products inspired by tiki culture and, though some of them had kitchy charm, we frankly didn’t love the aesthetics of most tiki collectibles. As a result, we decided to hunker down in our offices and come up with eye-catching and cool tiki figures that would stand out.

DC TeekeezTM began with lots of discussions about what they should look like, how big they should be, and which DC characters should be represented. Once we had a clear concept in mind for the 2.625-inch figures, we tapped our friend Mark Doublin to come up with the designs. Look below to see how he TOTALLY nailed it.

DC Teekeez - designs

It was a fine balance to capture the key elements of tiki culture—the wood-carved aesthetic, exaggerated mouths, and expressive eyes—while still staying faithful to the appearances of characters like Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn.

With the design set, we then asked the uber-talented Stephan Ehl to work his magic on some sculpts so we could check out the figures in person. We also wanted to make sure they could stack properly since that was one of our favorite features.

DC Teekeez - sculptsDC Teekeez - sculpts

DC Teekeez - sculpts

Finally, we worked on getting the colors just right, so that the figures stayed true to DC’s iconic characters while still maintaining a tropical feel. Look at how amazing the final figures turned out!

DC Teekeez - BatmanDC Teekeez - SupermanDC Teekeez - Wonder Woman

DC Teekeez - The JokerDC Teekeez - Harley Quinn

With the figures finalized, we moved on to packaging. If you know Cryptozoic’s products, you know we pride ourselves on putting a lot of thought into how our figures are presented. We always want fans to feel like they are getting something crafted with care from start to finish; we don’t cut corners anywhere. For DC TeekeezTM, we designed a custom window box that shows off the figure and features our fun TeekeezTM logo, some tropical flavor, and images of all the other figures in the set.

DC Teekeez - packaging designDC Teekeez - Teekeez in boxes

At that point, we were ready to share the figures with the world, which is always a bit nerve-racking. The fact is that if the reactions to DC TeekeezTM were not positive, we wouldn’t produce them and all of our work would have been for nothing. Fortunately, as we previewed the figures at different events, the reactions were immediate and totally awesome: People loved them! When the figures subsequently debuted for sale at New York Comic Con this past October, people lined up to buy them. In fact, they were one of the biggest hits in our entire booth!

Check out some of the amazing responses and a sneak peek of future DC TeekeezTM below. And then go out and get your own tiki figures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn (details on our product page). They’re small and not too hard on your wallet, so collect tons of them and create impressive stacks of Super Heroes, Super-Villains, or mix and match! There are even three rare variants out there—if you peek into enough of the window boxes, maybe you’ll find them! We may have more variants as exclusives at some of our 2018 events, so stay tuned.

After getting your figures, head on over to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to tell us what you think. You can even share your response to our challenge: How high can you stack your DC TeekeezTM?

DC Teekeez - stackedDC Teekeez - stackedDC Teekeez - stackedDC Teekeez - stacked

“I know these are plastic, but if I was walking into … an antique store and these were behind a [glass] cabinet, I would look at these and say to myself  ‘It kind of looks like that’s made out of wood. Who would’ve sat there and carved it out of wood?’ So mission accomplished, I would say, from that standpoint.”

The Review Spot  

 “They’re all so cute, I don’t know how you’re supposed to choose your favorite!”
DC Toys

“I’m so excited about these awesome new Teekeez!”
Epic Toy Channel

“These guys are nice and solid feeling. They’ve actually got some pretty good weight to them. They’re hefty, but not overly heavy.  But just enough so that they will keep balance so that you can stack them up one on top of each other.”
Pixel Dan


Can you guess who these future DC TeekeezTM characters are?

DC Teekeez - the future



Can’t find the Harley Quinn DC TeekeezTM figure in your local store? Click here to buy it directly from us!


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