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By Sara Miguel

Crisis 3 Preview

By Matt Hyra

We are just about a week away from the release of Crisis Expansion Pack 3! The excitement is palpable in the office and out there as well, as people are waiting to see what exactly this hinted at “new Crisis Mode” is all about.

Crisis 3 tells the story of Forever Evil. Villains of Earth have to stop the evil Crime Syndicate from taking over their territory while the Justice League is nowhere to be found. In this game, you’ll take on the role of the fan-favorite Super-Villains from the Forever Evil set, now in all their Crisis glory! Your opponents are Crime Syndicate Impossible Villains. Yes, this is the first time the “Boss” stack has been switched up between the thematic base set and the Crisis Pack.

Being a Crisis game linked to Forever Evil, you might be thinking that the Victory Point tokens you earn won’t do anything in a cooperative game. Think again! There are several main deck cards and Crisis Super-Villains who can spend those VPs. 

Lex recruits extra allies to join him. Your Lex card doesn’t go away, so you can put together your own personal Super-team. Highly recommended for solo play!


If you aren’t playing Crisis 3 with Forever Evil, there are several ways to gain VPs to pay for stuff.

There are two modes of play in Crisis 3: Full Co-op Mode and Hidden Objectives Mode. You already know how to play full co-op from Crisis 1 and 2. Hidden Objectives Mode is all new and rather devilish. You still have the ultimate goal of defeating all of the Crises and Impossible Super-Villains. However, you don’t share in the victory unless you also fulfill the requirement on the secret Hidden Objective card you were dealt at the start of the game.

There are NINE different ones, so you never know who has what, but you might be able to figure it out by their actions. One of the cards is a full-on traitor, but it may or may not have been dealt to a player at the start of the game. There isn’t always a traitor… Also, the traitor will have to help the team somewhat to even have a chance at winning (see below).

This leads to some occasional selfish play, which is why this mode is best played with the 6 competitive Suicide Squad oversized Super-Villains. Here are a couple of them:


The Crisis cards in this set use the “Contribute” mechanic seen in Watchmen, but they don’t require specific costs as often as that set does. This speeds up gameplay a good deal. I’m not going to spoil them, except for the first one you will face each game.

You are Villains fighting against other Villains, so as always with Crisis, Villains you buy or gain don’t go into your deck.

That’s all I’m going to spoil for now. We can’t wait to see your forum posts on these preview cards!



PS: We’ve heard your comments on Crisis game length. To speed up play we cut down the number of new main deck cards, but then added Hidden Objective cards and a VP token sheet (and there’s more than just VPs on it). With this slight reduction of main deck cards, Full Co-Op uses 1 fewer Crisis and S-V, while Hidden Objectives Mode uses 3 less than that. As you can imagine in HO Mode, selfish play and competitive oversized Super-Villains slow things down a bit.



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