Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ’Im Card Game: Secret Roles and Deducing Batman's Identity

By DekanWheeler

Batman is the world’s greatest detective, but how do the members of his rogues gallery stack up in terms of their deduction abilities? In the Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ’Im Card Game, you and your friends will find out! The game adapts the familiar game mechanic from the ever-popular Mafia. In that game, rounds alternate between night and day. At night, one or two hidden players choose which player (or players) to eliminate from the game, while everyone else has their eyes closed. Then, during the day the increasingly suspicious survivors try to figure out who is to blame.

But what happens if there isn't an elimination every night?

In keeping with the “Almost Got ’Im” episode of Batman: The Animated Series that the game is based on, poker plays a key role. This game’s central hidden role—the one that a player takes on to eliminate others—is none other than Batman himself. As noted on the Secret Role Card, the Batman player will need two pair to Subdue another player during a Blackout (night). However, Batman is not required to Subdue a Villain when his hand is complete, allowing him to search for the best opportunity to strike. Note that there are no hand comparisons going on during the game. Poker hand requirements ensure that the more powerful a secret ability is, the harder it is to put the hand together.

Since there is no honor among thieves, the table quickly sinks into bedlam with players all accusing each other openly and scrutinizing which cards are picked up by others. Because everyone knows Batman is looking for two pair, drawing certain cards may just suggest which players is in fact the famed Caped Crusader. The drama is somewhat kept in check since only the Brains, a role that changes every round, can formally accuse someone of being Batman in Disguise.

Except Batman isn't the only player looking for two pair. Check out the Telepathic Secret Role.

Arguably, this is the most important role on the Villain team. Note the phrasing "might be Batman" on the card. If the Dealer gives you a thumbs up, you have either discovered Batman, Catwoman, or even a Homicidal Secret Role (7-player games only). Now all you need to do is convince the other players that you have knowledge that they don't! The biggest detriment to having the Telepathic Secret Role is that you are going for a hand that is VERY similar to Batman’s favored hand, which can make the Telepathic player look as guilty as someone wearing a cowl to a card game. This seed of doubt might be all Batman needs to take down everyone at the table and emerge victorious; if the Telepathic player is believed to Batman, he or she can be Subdued by popular vote, helping the Bat.

These aren’t the only Secret Role Cards that share a poker hand. Players with the Catwoman in Disguise and Healer cards are both looking for a full house.

Both Batman and the Villains need to watch out for Catwoman as this sly cat burglar with dubious morality can beat both teams under the right circumstances. Also, as a full house only has one more card than a two pair, players aiming for this hand can look like Batman and the Telepathic player as well.

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Batman: The Animated Series Almost Got ’Im Card Game will be out early 2017. Keep an eye out for more blog posts offering closer looks at this title and others very soon.

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