Batman™: The Legend Trading Cards Sketch Cards Preview

By Miranda Charsky

We've been working on the next DC Comics set for several months, and it is very exciting to finally communicate all the product details to fans in one place! Our first DC Comics set was a broad look at the New 52 comic revamp that started last year. It was a big deal to update so many characters with new looks and/or stories, and it was a really fun way to dive a little deeper into those characters. When we approached the second set, and for what we wanted to do for a theme, it made sense to narrow our scope to a family of characters.

Releasing this winter, Batman™: The Legend will have an all-new original art 63-card base set featuring some of Gotham City's most notorious characters. We worked very closely with the creative team at DC to create the character list for the set, and I think fans are going to have a lot of fun collecting some of their favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains! The set starts out very iconic with Batman standing on a gargoyle edge against the skyscraper skyline, and includes characters such as Jason Todd, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, Huntress, Bat-Mite, Jervis Tetch, and Clayface. As part of our look at Batman, the chase sets will include information about the different Batmobiles in service throughout the years (2:24 packs), an inside look at the Batcave (2:24 packs), and posters from the Circus of Villains (2:24 packs).

We had the privilege of working with over 140 sketch cards artists for the new set, and in addition to being approved by the creative team at DC, I reviewed every single card with our Art Acquisition Manager George Nadeau to give them a final stamp of approval. "I've personally signed off on each card," might be a pretty bold statement, but I'm willing to go out on that ledge as I think it is important to communicate to you, our fans, that this is something that we take very seriously. Since the sketch cards are such a big part of this release, we wanted to make sure that not only were the cards approved, but were something we would be happy to open out of a pack. We looked to see if it was evident that the artist put effort into the card, if the character was recognizable, and if the artist's style enhanced the card. I also tried to pay special attention to how the cards would appear alone, as sometimes characters and/or artistic styles seem cohesive when you see them all together (they fit, they make sense), but when you see one on its own from a pack, it sometimes doesn't work as well.

After George and I got through doing this (and this would be the second time we reviewed each card), the impression that we were really left with was the level of effort the artists brought to this project. It was truly incredible. As we sat there, we decided that every artist deserved to be featured and deserved the opportunity to show collectors the amazing sketch cards they should look forward to opening. So, from now until the launch, we will be featuring about 10 artists every Monday and Friday on our Facebook page to show collectors the talent of every artist involved in the project. Be sure to check back with us each week as we reveal more of the great cards that will be included in the Batman™: The Legend Trading Cards!

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Miranda Charsky is Cryptozoic Entertainment's brand manager for trading cards and collectibles. She strives to create quality collectibles for core hobby collectors and entertainment fans. Miranda's first job out of high school was working in a local hobby store, and she has been working in gaming and entertainment ever since.