Arrow Trading Cards Season 3 Preview

By George Nadeau

I've previously written about the excitement I feel when I receive wardrobe and props from studio partners. It's like Christmas (only better, since I don't have to reciprocate the gift-giving!). Often the shipments are delivered directly to our office in Lake Forest. On this particular occasion, because I was scheduled to run several errands in the Burbank area, Warner Bros. arranged for the materials for Arrow to be shipped from Vancouver to its offices in Burbank.

At 9 a.m. I picked up three large Arrow boxes from WB. I was eager to review the contents, but I had to be patient (never my strong suit), since my next appointment was scheduled 30 minutes later across town and then I had several subsequent appointments scheduled in Burbank, West Hollywood and Sherman Oaks. For the next six hours I drove around L.A., stopping for brief meetings, picking up items, and delivering others. During that entire time, the boxes of Arrow wardrobe and props bounced around in my rear-view mirror, taunting me like wrapped presents under a Christmas tree.

My first opportunity to reveal the contents of the boxes arrived at 3 p.m. I had just delivered cards to a certain young autograph signer upon her return home from school. Since I knew it would take a while for her to sign all of her cards, I excused myself and jogged back to the driveway, eager to unbox (at long last!) the Arrow items.

Let me say: Warner Bros. delivered big time.

Standing in the actress's driveway, I discovered that the Arrow production team had provided most of the specific pieces I had requested, including the Tech Village shirt Felicity wore during her meet-cute with Ray (episode 301), the little blue dress Donna wore during her surprise visit (episode 305), and pieces of Arsenal's, the Arrow's, and the Atom's costumes.

Furthermore, the Arrow production staff had accommodated my prop requests, too. From the moment I saw the Arrow use the boxing glove arrow in episode 306, I hoped we'd acquire it. We did!

We were also given Thea's farewell note to Roy (episode 302). (It's a brief note, so it'll be the rarest card in the set, limited to just 20 pieces.)

What I discovered in the second box made my jaw drop: We had been given one of Ra's al Ghul's swords (episode 309) and (packed carefully in a small Ziploc bag) his rings! Crazy cool, right?

After catching my breath, I moved to the last box. I pulled out Maseo's mask, quiver (full of arrows), compound bow, and katana. Okay, this was like Christmas and my birthday combined and multiplied by a hundred!

As I danced and shouted with joy, I had a sudden thought: I'm standing in a young actress's driveway unpacking a mask and weapons . . . this may not be the smartest move. I quickly repacked the boxes and rejoined the signing session inside.

Since that busy day in L.A., these seven Ra's al Ghul and Maseo props have been safely stored in our vault in Lake Forest, guarded by cameras, lasers, and all sorts of other high-tech stuff that I barely understand. They'll be removed and shipped to the seven collectors lucky enough to pull the seven redemption cards inserted into our Arrow Trading Cards Season 3 packs.

The entire team had a great time pulling together these special, authentic items, so we hope you'll enjoy them when the set releases in a couple months!