Fashion Supernova!

By Michael Sacco

Randomly inserted into packs of The Big Bang Theory Trading Cards, you can find special Wardrobe cards that contain pieces of authentic clothing pieces worn by members of the hit sitcom's cast. We've highlighted just a few of the many TBBT wardrobe pieces ready to be turned into memorabilia below. 

Sheldon's signature purple long-sleeve undershirt was forged in the heart of a dying star. (Note: undershirt not actually forged in the heart of a dying star)

Howard undoubtedly hoped to gain Orange Lantern powers by wearing this fiery shirt/turtleneck combo in several episodes.

Later, he figured that the Star Sapphires would be a safer bet, aiming to gain their favor with this trendy V-neck.

Leonard was able to undertake some tactical espionage action and hide in 8-bit foliage with this pixelflage hoodie.

Penny is completely unaware that the explosion of pastel color on her hoodie is detectable on several subspace frequencies.

Alec Holland's bio-accelerant compound was successful at growing new plant life, but only on Penny's sweats.

And these are just a fraction of the many pieces of authentic TBBT memorabilia we've got in store for you. Will you be lucky enough to get a Wardrobe card when you open up a pack? Maybe! Just don't forget that you change the outcome of the event by observing it.