Ender's Game Battle School Board Game Releases Today!

By Sara Erickson

Cryptozoic Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Ender's Game Battle School The Board Game. Based on the epic movie from Summit Entertainment and director Gavin Hood comes a board game of combat in the null gravity arena of the International Fleet’s Battle School. Two fierce rivals square off to see who has the best strategy and the steadiest trigger finger: Ender Wiggin and his Dragon Team or Bonzo Madrid and his Salamander Team. Characters maneuver around the null gravity arena with various amounts of control over where they will end up each time they move. When you move, you don’t stop until something, or someone, gets in your way. Teamwork is key! Win by capturing your opponents’ gates or by freezing all of his units with your laser-light guns. Dice are used to resolve combat, but strategy and tactics will rule the day.

“Players are going to have tons of fun with the unique zero-G movement rules," explains Cryptozoic's Lead Board Game Designer, Matt Hyra. "Once you start moving in a direction, you don’t stop until you run into something, be it a outer wall, a Star (terrain piece), or another trooper.”

Ender's Game Battle School The Board Game is designed for 2 players, ages 15 and up and can be purchased for $25.00 at your local retail hobby store or ordered online at the Cryptozoic Entertainment E-Store. For the latest information on Ender's Game Battle School, please visit the product page and be sure to keep up to date with special contest, promotions on game information on Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Toshirauma's picture Sara Erickson

Sara Erickson is Cryptozoic Enertainment's National Hobby Channel Manager and has worked with Cryptozoic since March 2012. She has been in the industry for over 7 years and currently owns Rook's Comics and Games in Montana. When she's off the clock, Sara spends her free time playing new games and chatting with customers at her store.